Coming October 20th, 2007

Southwest Corner of 59th ave and Thunderbird

Glendale, Arizona

4:00PM to 10:00PM


Don't miss out on your chance!


Last year... Tamo and the Clan worked hard every year to outdo the previous year's Halloween RadioActive event. During last years' Halloween RadioActive 4: Dead Man’s Party, we had a spectacular meteor shower that made everyone ooohhh and aaahhh. It was awesome! Everyone enjoyed the fireworks and thought the creators of the event had planned it. No one thought anything more about it, not even the Halloween RadioActive Staff.

What everyone didn't know was that the "meteor shower" was actually a gathering of aliens upset that they hadn't made it to Earth's atmosphere in time for the planet’s most luminescent event, Halloween RadioActive! While everyone was oohhhing and ahhhing over the light show, the alien critters crept into all our belongings and hid out for the entire year.

As we are unpack and sort through our equipment for this year's Halloween RadioActive, we have uncovered hundreds of alien pods.

One of the pods hatched right in front of us. Tamo asked it where they were from, and it responded, "We are Children of the Sun - we've come for the Fun! We missed last year – so we stayed here for the next one!”

The darn little things are almost as bad as bunnies when it comes to multiplying and we are now finding not only their egg pods, but their meteorite space ships in everything. Guess we'll be having a few more alien guests at this year's event. We sure hope they are friendly....


We're bringing the event back to Glendale this year. We are making loads of changes to top, yet again, what we did last year. Many surprises coming your way, so we hope you will join us again!

All new props - All new activities - An ALL new Experience you don't want to miss!

Adults Only $20.00!

Kids (12 and younger) Only $15.00!

Pre-Pregister and get 50% off! REGISTER NOW AND SAVE!


Please check back often for new details...

We'll see you there!

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